Keys to Success

1. Take a multi-vitamin religiously. Make sure it contains calcium and iron.

2. Ice any tender of sore spots immediately for 10-15 minutes after workout.

3. Race in dry-fit socks. They are lighter and will not soak up as much sweat and water for the wet grass. Or go old school and race bare foot.

4. Try to eat within 30 minutes of any hard effort. It will help with recovery by replacing glycogen stores. Also, avoid fried and fatty foods. In other words, pizza and fries is not a good lunch.

5. Stretch more after you run. It will also help with recovery.

6. Run how you feel on the distance days. If you feel good, run a moderate pace. If you feel terrible, run easy.

7. You get out of distance running exactly what you put into it. Define your goals and go for them. Miles Make Champions!

8. Wearing high heels are not good for your feet. Especially if you have to walk all the way to the NGC.

Practice Rules

1. Be nice to coach. He is usually in a good moodÖ and he likes to stay that way.

2. Respect your teammates and captains.

3. Be competitive, donít be afraid to run at the front or away from people. Keep your comments positive and team oriented.

4. If you are going to miss a practice or a meet let me know. I have a cell phone (leave a message) and an email I check every morning before practice.

5. Do not put of homework, studying, projects, etc... until the last second and have to miss practice because of your procrastination.

6. Follow the rules of the road. We donít want to be restricted to running on campus everyday.

7. Run the route assigned so I know where you are.

8. Enjoy every minute of your high school cross country experience. You will miss it when it is over.